World Healing ~ World Peace

Poetry 2018

Open for submissions September 1st ~ December 31st, 2017

Stay tuned for guidelines for submissions

Attention . . . .

Calling all Global Poets ... Mark your calendars ...

Submissions for World Healing, World Peace Poetry open September 1st, 2017 and close December 31st. This offering which will be published in April of 2018 commemorating International Poetry Month and our need for a greater expression of our humanity will be limited to the first 100 Poets who meet our guidelines. The publishing of World Healing, World Peace will include a picture of the poet along with a 50 word Bio and your poem.

The 2018 volume will be available Globally as well as a FREE Download at all Inner Child Web Sites.

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World Healing, World Peace

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The Vision

World Healing,

World Peace 2016

Well Global Citizens . . .  here we are with our 3rd Published Offering now open for submissions. The Anthology "World Healing, World Peace 2016 will be published in April of 2016.

Our vision is to effectuate change in our Global Policies and Attitudes towards each other. There are many things that need to be addressed about the inequities the systems of man produce. Lend your voice by way of your poetry . . .  we do make a difference!

Submissions by Poets will include their Picture, a 100 or less Word Bio, Links (2) where they may be connected with and their Poetic Offering.

Our collective Voices changes our World !!!

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Greetings my Friend, my Brother, my Sister,


As we all are aware, World Healing and World Peace is a dynamic that affects every single Human Being on this Planet. At Inner Child we have initiated this effort to not only celebrate Poetry, but to elevate our Global Consciousness. Our hopes and focus through this Poetry Anthology is to etch into the annals of History a Contribution of Love to every Human Being presently living and Our Children yet unborn.

We hope that you will join us in spreading the News of this undertaking and invite any and all to contribute each in their own way. You do not have to be a Poet to participate, for all Communities, Organizations and Persons are welcome. We humbly ask you to assist us, assist our Community of Humanity to make a giant step forward towards Peace on Earth, Good Will to All Men, Women, Families, Mothers, Fathers, Children, Daughters, Sons, and to our Planet. Won’t you Join us in this Vision of Love.

We thank you for your Presence

The Family

World Healing, World Peace Poetry

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