Contest Administrators

Administrators and Facilitators

World Healing, World Peace Poetry Contest 2012




Everyday Connection                                       Rick and Jean

The Artist Lounge                                             Jill Delbridge

Moments in Chaos                                            Leslie Ryan

Poetically Spoken                                             Poetically Spoken

HALOS 711                                                       Arthur and Sandye

Inner Child Radio                                              William S. Peters, Sr.

Speak Yo Piece                                                Micheaux “Urban Voodoo” Fortson


JUDGES will remain SECRET !!!!!



Media Facilitators


Jamie Bond

Sarah Stuart of the New Writers

Janet “Derailed Poet” Perkins Caldwell

Jean and Rick of Everyday Connection

Poetically Spoken

Adelle Conexxions

William S. Peters, Sr.

Urban VooDoo of Speak Yo Piece

Charlotte 'Poetryizme' Lewis of Creative Impowerment



Volunteer Editors  . . . aimed at assisting Entrants prior to Submission


Jill Delbridge

William S. Peters, Sr.



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