Poetry 2012

It's NOT About me or you, but US


Blue or green?

Which is the color of the sea?

in my minds eye I see

Heavenly aquamarine

waves melding



thoughts stir inside of me

questions flood my mind

crashing through the Divine

my Faith deeply embedded

In my fluid cognition

perspective comes along with me

my emotions flow across the pages

expressing my visions , promises ,

and aspirations

speaking hopefully

tactful but , bluntly

with my compassionate heart wide open

my way of coping

examining the world we live in today

amongst people not knowing what to say

and/or think

music of my words soothes my

as tears


immortalized in bold black ink

Praying for peace on earth


seeing people become ghost

turning their back to me

when I need them the most

sometimes as hard as I try

personalities , circumstances clash

I cry

knowing when to part peacefully

is a challenge to say the least

I'll bid you well in all you do

pretense of all is good

While I longer like you

is not me

I will always respect and Love you

discarding negative memories

wishing you the best

may you be continuously Blessed

seeing folks without faith or hope in their eyes

frustration comes my way

endless questions some without tangible solutions

lost within frustration and confusion

I turn to my Faith and Devotion

of Love unconditional

for one and all

deep inside the chambers of my heart

Its chipped like fragile glass ,

but , not shattered

at peace within a path in my mind

of hope for better days

no way

am I perfect

for , only one is our SAVIOR

many a time I error

my conscience keeps check of my behavior

I like to lead not to follow

my ultimate grip

Is stereotypes

fat, thin, short, and/or tall

to me makes no difference at all

black ,white, red, yellow, and brown

or a combination of a few or all

straight, bi , lesbian ,or homosexual

religious , spiritual , or atheist


UNITED WE Stand divided we fall

We live ,we Love ,we learn

how my fellow Brothers and Sisters Love

is not my concern

What is though


lack of common sense

rationalization for me

did we not all descend from the same family?

do I hail from another realm

I Pray not cause its not about you or me

but, US


No not acceptance


must always be ever so present

I stride within confidence

please always know I will be true

with unwavering Love for you

I am not a part time friend

my Love is consistent

No beginning , middle , or end

© 2009 Night Writer





To a cosmic pulse

Heartbeats echo

In perfect rhythm perfect rhyme

One poem one path

Beating in synchronicity

Connecting one to another



Planting seeds

Of unconditional love


Flying like a dove           

Journeys join

Seeing through one eye

Sharing the warmth

Under the sun


A rainbow

Smiling in the sky

With global generosity

Spreading the light

No darkness or hunger

Just harmony

Always giving

Always free


Close your eyes

Go to sleep

Wake up

To World Peace

One sun

One moon

One heart

One poem



Lindy Tefft





H-er love has been relentless

E-ven though we failed to Pray

A- sign of Mother Earths eternal

L-ove thats here to stay

I-ncrease the Love and energy

N-ow is the time for Peace

G-od's gracious gifts of Healing  "THE"


U-nite in Love and never cease

N-ow is the time for oneness

I-n everthing we do

V-oices joined together

E-very culture, every hue

R-espect each others journey

S-how you Really care

E-veryone is special                "AND"


W-orth taking time to share

O-ur Universe is calling

R-enewal is round the bend

L-ove is truly Healing

D-edicate all that you can send


P-lease take the time to Think About

E-ach action that you take

A-nd know that Peace and Healing

C-an be the Difference that "You" make!

E-ternal Blessings as we join together in Love for World Peace and Healing to Our Universe



Sandye M Roberts DD

Halos 711

Email : HALOS711@aol.com

Poetically competing for World Peace


I was listening to the radio

They were combining the concepts

Poetry Contest and world peace

So naturally I felt I fit in

I picked up my  paper and pen ,

I was ready to wage war on war

For the sake of world peace

not to mention all the other mentioned stuff

A Real publishing deal..

Tell the artist lounge to keep a seat warm for me

Bout to make an everyday connection to world peace


I will unleash my inner child to take advantage and press on

Like a Nlistic Soulder for world peace

Be an opportunist who seizes the opportunity to shine

I’m ready to be the poetic version of Oprahs’ world peace book club

Tour me round the world on the internet god will take care of the rest

After I beat world peace, world hunger is next


I will somehow poetically convince war mongers

That it is a time for peace

I just created a battle in their mind

They are fighting the previous line

So I ask that they just give up fighting themselves

They will win by just stopping


Yeap, all the killing can stop for sake of helping me

Sure I can make the top three entries if I follow rules as stated

And somehow don’t offend any one

Can’t push any of the hot buttons

Except the anti- lovers of war button of course

World peace can’t happen if we still love war


Drop the guns join a poetically spoken group

Shoot me with words Scribe me some poetry

Take me to a Speak Easy Café and touch my thoughts

So we can start with home peace, and then block peace

Then neighborhood peace then city peace

So on to finally have world peace


We can walk around holding hands with strangers at will

Without having to worry about getting robbed, kidnapped, or killed

Yeah I need a poem about that, and then I could win

The prize is a broke poets dream

A just add me Publishing deal and all kinds of promotions


In exchange for just one poem about world peace

That would bring some peace to my world

So In other words instead of dream of world peace

A bunch of other poets got to be beat

by a poem about world peace

Seems kind of ironic to me

That’s that piece about world peace


By NAM Oshun




This Thing   .   .   .

I know not what curious factors compel me to hold you in my thoughts each day, all day. 

I anticipate with longing each moment we share whether it be speech or your presence. 

I neither know not what drives and directs me to sit and exact this communication revealing my inner self in such a manner. 

I have long learned the incrimination of putting one’s feelings in writing, but I care not. 

All too often the things I desire to say, I lose courage to say, and the words melt away in to the abysmal nothingness that abides with us all. 

All too often in life there are moments and experiences that acquaint us with something or someone special, and we do not comment.  To not at least acknowledge that our souls have been touched, stirred or moved is a sin against life itself.  It is holding all that is dear in life in disdain. 

I, as we all do, know and understand the rules of man and social structure and it’s condemning nature for what it can not accept, understand or control.

well . . .

This Thing is of a non conforming nature within the structure that wishes to erect the edifices of it’s own greatness only to pass into history as a time that used to be. 

This Thing is timeless, universal and cares not of the rules that are set upon the table before itself to abide by. 

This Thing existed long before man could utter his desire for order and conformity. 

This Thing fractures the rules by which we so vehemently deny ourselves and our divinity. 

This Thing cares not save for the opportunity to share itself with another…. Unabashed…. Uninhibited…. and Unrestrained.! 

This Thing will either be our undoing or our salvation in this life…but in the infinite misunderstanding of our existence,

This Thing is all that there is. 

This Thing is the Mother of all that exists.

It is the relationship between all living things…. each of it’s own kind. 

As we develop in our consciousness we come to understand and accept that we are all connected and interdependent, for all is one.

I have encountered thee and I aspire to thee to become one with thee. 

For This Thing I will suffer the indulgences of a finite society, for my cause is timeless. 

This Thing have brought thee through many histories and lifetimes and we shall go forth with much more…. for I am but a servant.  Thou has awakened in me this Thing that has lied so dormant for too long. 

I acknowledge the grandeur of This Thing I have found in thee,

for This Thing is .  .  .  .  .  .   Love !

(c) 1985 – 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


07 this thing just bill.mp3

The Poet

know that we are the enchanting magicians that nourishes the seeds of dreams and thoughts of others . . . it is our words that entice the hearts and minds to believe there is something grand about the possibilities that life has to offer and our words tease it forth into action . . . for you are the Poet, the Writer to whom the Gift of Words has been entrusted . . . wsp

I Dreamed of Peace

Angry people stopped shouting
Protest signs became invitations

An extended hand grabbed mine;
People took to the streets
and danced

We rapped under an
ancient ash with living leaves

Breathing...you are loved...
Show them the way
of labels removed

Encouraged, by a new song
we live, the words of peace

A bearded man with sandals said...
“Infect them with love,

Spread the news while
succeeding in tranquility.”

I will.

© Janet P. Caldwell
May 9, 2011

The Antithesis


he looked about him

at a world

that no longer hurt


beyond the dumb-downed-ness

that initiated this mess

that tested the very patience

of creation


his eyes and his soul

had long ago

lost it’s pain

but not it’s suffering


somewhere in the recesses

of his mind

he remembered

smiles and laughter

Children Playing

people talking to each other


he almost managed a smile

but he could not escape

this reality

every since hope

was banished

from the world’s existentialism


what have we done

had we slept too long

he asked


he was tortured by this question

every wakened moment

of every day

of his life

better yet

what have we not done


children these days

marched as drones

just as he had done

so many years ago

as he slept through life

sleep walked through life


giving of his word

but not his voice

nor his deed

planting seeds

in an unfertile garden

that ushers forth

a tasteless fruit


just like all the others

the people

the communities

the nations



the big Corporations

and the Banks

and the Special Interest Groups

had won the battle

of their selfish greed

over that of



and equanimity

yet they too lost the war

along with us all

for we all were human

humane perhaps

at one time

so long ago


and a new man was born

with their asses whacked

and their lives

pre destined

by those who took

the Hypocritic Oath

of Silence

while screaming insdie


yes they were smacked


into a world of

an eternal dismality

where the balance

and frailty

of goodness

was no longer a part of

the equation


most people

never spoke

to each other these days

for their ways

were beyond

their sensitivities

for they no longer had any

all left behind

in a past they could not remember


and their proclivity

was a simple existence

one of simply

live to die


many vied

for the unknown journey

death would provide them

the ultimate release

for their Soul

that still clutched

a hidden reckoning

though it had long ceased

it’s beckoning

for they / we did not listen


life no longer glistened

with wonder

they had no sunshine

in their lives

just a continuous fabric

of doom

and gloom

as they assumed

the position

without opposition

of any kind

never mind the reason


he remembered the riots

and the burning of clergy

and priests

without cease

until they too were liberated

from the clutches of their own dogma

who knew it would come to this


and speaking of dogs

and pets

they did not exist

they had long ago been eaten

for the food

was all contaminated

with man made pestilence


right in front

of our sedated eyes


as i said

no one really realized

it would come to this

no chance for bliss

or the kiss of happiness

or anything that resembled such


funny the twist

life takes

when we make

no amends

to initiate a change


i now embrace

and must face

yes i must see

that change

depends on you

depends on me


we usually always get

what we allow

don’t we


and he asks

why didn’t he

vote for change

by showing up

and assist in the denial

of the corrupt legions of fear

within himself

and the world

about him


and now

this is what has been heralded in


this day is the result

of choosing quiet

and silence

instead of shouting


in the crowd

of his fellow man


and this day

he clearly understood

once more

that when the door of opportunity

for goodness comes about

we must walk through it


in the full colors and sounds

of our convictions

without restrictions

and the common contradictions

that separates me from you

me from the whole



we get what we deserve

for we have served


the poisoned meal

of acquiescence

the consciousness of death

and now we all pray for it

lay for it


and if i had any mercy let

well . . .



the antithesis to Peace and Healing

hereby sealing the future

in a dark grave

with no air to breath

one of desolate dismalities

and abysmal disparity

where the balance

and frailty

of goodness

and parity

was no longer a part of

the formula nor equation

the landscape

where any sort of elation

had no persuasion

or voice


for if we act not for change

we get what we allow

our choice


and that is


the antithesis



(c) 17 October 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Join us in our effort to elevate the consciousness of the World and tell everyone you know about : World Healing, World Peace Poetry Contest 2012



As an advocate of Peace and Love
I can only be
In a state of Love and harmony
Otherwise I can get grumpy
When the gaps in between
The smiles and the punch lines
Drag on
Being taken out of my natural state of joy for too long
I like to make healthy progress, at lightening speed
That’s where my pure joy comes from
More precious than gold
Having had to wait so long, left on hold
Trodden on
By the ones upon whom in life
One is supposed to be able to count on
And depend upon
Valuable ‘Joi de Vivre’ stolen
But never giving up, determined to succeed and carry on
The reward of patience is patience, apparently
But for me, surfing that tube of The Present Moment
Pivotal balance
Of forward motion
Is my addiction
Following the clues
Like a trail of bread crumbs
Further unraveling
The concept of one’s social responsibility
Towards developing
Ones elevated consciousness
The Bigger Picture
Is Win/Win
Mutual co-operation
The only ultimate inevitable equation
When one poses the question:
What would love do now?
So come on, join in, about face
It’s as easy as one, two, three
A holy trinity
Of win-win facilitation
Forward thinking inclusion
Self generated profit and abundance
In accordance
With a higher natural will
Common sense
Practical, insightful solutions, resolutions
From the family home to the high street
From western politics to third world nations
From India’s discarded widows
To five year old orphans collecting water bottles for recycling
More spiritually aligned world leaders
Like Aung San Suu Kyi, democracy leader and Nobel Peace laureate
Who can represent the unrepresented and the underdog
With first hand experience of poverty, homelessness, single parenting, stress, ill-health
Who can re-appropriate financial priorities, communal wealth
And guide business wisely, morally, worthily
Implement more communally beneficent schemes
Such as the Robin-Hood Tax
Stan Meyer’s H20 fuel, Water-Powered Car
Tesler’s low frequency earth conducting electric light bulb
Establish corporate rehabilitation
Ethical incubation
Is like a breath of fresh air
A restoration of faith in human nature
A good dose of all round, general purpose inspiration
Inner city rejuvenation

And if you want to stop the looting
Then provide communal parenting
Day time Crèches for single mothers and fathers out working
After school clubs until mum or dad can return home from commuting
Back up for dysfunctional non existent family support systems
Keeps things moving
Like a well oiled machine
Allows everyone to continue
Free drop in classes in Parenting, Life Skills
Literacy, Numeracy
And intelligent reasoning
Inspires Well Being
Promotes respect and self-discipline
Mutual TRUST
Confidence in a system
That doesn’t let you down
That keeps up with the changing times
ie: Motion to abolish daylight savings
What is the nation’s preoccupation
With enforced premature nightfall?
Like the fully automated farms in regional areas
Don’t have electric light anymore?
Like the Snow Queen plunging Narnia
Into perpetual wintry hibernation
Control and manipulation
Is a thing of the PAST
Replaces competition
Ego must be supported by conscious direction
Mutually beneficent intention
For Planetary sustainment
Ecological communities
Humanitarian values
More and more consideration into development
Of our live/work neighbourhoods
More care into our day to day communications
A willingness to listen and understand
Be less judgmental
Offer an olive branch or a helping hand
Forgiveness, allowances, patience
For learning curves and growing pains
More sincerity, honest integrity
Seems to be in short supply
Through continuous subjection to subliminal seduction
From social media, propaganda and advertising
Computer games and TV crime
Let loose on impressionable minds
How do you utilise your time?
How often do you exercise your mind?
Go for a jog, run around the block
Or is everything so boring, too easy
That you try to spice it up?
Seduction of the ego
Wasting precious time
Getting further away from the source
In pursuit of the big I Am
Just more layers of self-importance
Personality afflictions
Emotional attachments and addictions

(c) Cat Catalyst


Joie de vivre


(joy of living)

is a French phrase often used in English

to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit.