The  Top 3 Celebrants 2012

LauraSue Gutierrez

Dream of Peace

I know I don't know you
but I love you.
I know we are strangers
but I think a hug will do.
Don't have enough for your
milk? I will pay the rest.
It starts with one act, one
simple kindness.
World peace starts small,
it begins with one.
With one easy gesture
it has begun.
When we show care or concern,
express how we feel.
This is how our broken hearts
begin to heal.
It starts in one little town,
on the main street.
We start moving to a rhythm,
pulsing like a heartbeat.
It is a magical sound,
a catchy tune.
It spreads around the globe
and drifts to the moon.
This is my dream of peace.
This is my hope of healing.
It starts on a small scale.
It starts with one feeling.
This world is a disaster,
it has become a mess.
We need to aim for the stars,
reach for success.
We must educate the people,
let our voices be heard.
The peace movement has begun,
start spreading the word.


LauraSue has been writing poetry since she was nine years old. LauraSue has been published with Quill books, The International Library of Poetry,, and Noble House publishers in London. LauraSue won the Editors Choice Award for outstanding achievements in poetry in 2003. LauraSue now resides in Pennsylvania.

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Loretta L. Hardrick

Come Let Us Reason

Together In Unity


I see you on the street, and you too, see me.

Outside we are different – and not coincidentally.

We have our clicks, clichés’ and circle of friends

but you don’t understand me, or recognize where I fit in.

I seek your approval, your understanding of my form.

I do not appreciate your conderation to attempt to do me bodily harm.

I am in a position to do something special for you,

but you never welcome the opportunity so we will never see it through.


You see me on the corner, and I see you in the store,

our cultures are so adversely different so I choose to simply ignore.

Rather than seek understanding from something that challenges

what I already know,

I shut my heart, my mind and my bowels of compassion

by repressing and suppressing every emotion that could flow.

No smile for you today.

No, “you’re welcome” “thank you” or “please.”

I won’t even render a “God bless you,” when I hear you sneeze.

Why is it, if I am hurting you desire to make it even worse?

I tell you, hating is a disease and it’s something we practice and rehearse.


So many, different nations and colors of skin, as

beautiful as the rainbows are and the clouds that blend in.

Many are our afflictions but seldom do we portray

any regard for another, at least not for public display.

Actors on a stage and perhaps musicians on a string,

every instrument has a place and a unique sound to bring.

The springs run to the river and the rivers

to the seas, the seas to the oceans and supply water to the trees.

If nature can come together and all work hand in hand,

why humanity would think any different; is what I find hard to understand.


If we could come together and look through, our other pair of eyes,

maybe we could see pass what we are saying and instead just recognize;

recognize we all have a condition that somehow needs

a physician’s attention, whether physical or not.

Take a pill, a pill of agape love as medication and release our hatred on the spot.

Selfishness and unforgiveness will not heal our land.

Compassionate, caring people will, while using tender praying hands.

We, as a people have to begin to listen and communicate,

then reduce our self value and importance to our individual destinies’ that wait.

We could sit down to reason together and possibly work out a compromise,

one that would be effective in reducing killings, mutilations, basically to salvage human lives.


When you speak, I listen and vice-versa would be nice.

I hear what you’re saying and literally sleep on it or think on it once or twice.

Putting another above oneself and ones ways,

would be quite refreshing and exhilarating or what if we awakened

each morning with the thought of brightening each others’ days.


We need the salt to preserve and we need love to restore.

If we don’t have understanding then love is what we should explore.

Your blood inside is red, and all our blood is the same.

My heart beats, I breathe, eat and drink but why should any of this have to change?

We should all be able to come together and build up, in unity.

I respect your right as well, to agree or to disagree.

It’s not necessary to seek revenge, just be strong enough to accept that fact.

After all, we are supposed to be adults, so responsibly is how we are required to act.


For over two-thousand years hatred and discord has been in place

causing anguish, unnecessary hurt, shame and disgrace.

What would it hurt us to try something different, and revert back to basic law?

Love your neighbor as yourself and don’t pick at differences or claw.


Life used to be so peaceful, sleeping outside on front porch swings.

Children playing innocently and disclosing secret dreams.

Love was taught at home; strict rules were placed and kept.

I respect you and you respect everyone including yourself.

Prayer was welcomed and never offended.

Can we try to continue what God started

in order for our nations to be mended?


Come let us reason,

together in unity.

There is peace and healing waiting

and we each have the ability.


Come let us reason

together in unity.

For world healing and world peace

we all must care for change and take responsibility.


Come let us reason

together in unity.

I value you as a person

and will you also value me?


Loretta L. Hardrick is a native Oklahoman, born in Lawton, Oklahoma to her parents Jammie and Vermelia.  The family moved from Lawton to Oklahoma City, when Loretta was two years old.  She is the fourth born.  Loretta resides on the outskirts of the city her husband, Stanley.  She enjoys writing poetry, spending time with her eight grandchildren as well as cooking and time with family and friends.

Elise Fee

The Tipping Point

As a child,

I dreamt

of making a difference.

 I perceived actions to be taken

and people to be helped;

only later recognizing

that changing the world

 is an internal experience.

When I change my heart

and join with the oneness

of humanity,

the effect plays out

across the planet’s skin

rippling into the lives

of so many unknown, untold others

in ways I can’t begin to fathom --

with miraculous outcomes


When I go within

to find my clearest essence

and choose to live

from that pure space,

I broadcast my light

like a beacon in the dark sky,

illuminating and brightening

far-off corners of the world,

effecting personal healing

in diverse and unique ways

known only to those who receive.

When I live in my sacred center,

my peace emanates and evokes

a cascading stillness,

silently washing through mankind.

Through my personal awareness,

I have planted the seed

for a peaceful world.

And a miraculous synergy

takes effect

as I and you and we

do the same.

An energetic root system

connects us to one another --

tapped into mother earth,

sustained on the life-support

of our love and unity.

Collectively we create

wellsprings of peace

within us

until we reach

that magical tipping point.


Elise Fee is a Hypnotist and Life Mentor helping clients worldwide to get a new lease on life.  Many varied life experiences have taught her broader, more expansive ways to view and experience the world and humanity.  She writes a daily blog at and is writing her first book.